React forms with ease! Composable, headless & with built-in multi steps

Why Formiz ?

🧙‍ Built-in multi steps

Multi steps form logic available out of the box! No more pain to build perfect UX for complex forms.

✅ Composable validations

Don't duplicate your logic between display and validation. Validation is enabled only if the field is displayed.

💅 Headless, build your own UX!

Choose how to render validations, form buttons, and navigation between steps (wizard, tabs, other). It's your choice!

📋 Turn everything into fields

Turn everything into a custom field with full validation! Create forms in React with full validations without the pain.

⚛️ Built with Typescript & hooks

Typescript give you nice types out of the box. Hooks cut the complexity to create custom fields. Use complex logic without even thinking of it.

📱 React Native compatible

You can use it with React Native. Just use the as={View} property on <FormizStep> component to replace the div.